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    Diagnostic Writing Assignment

    In todayís world scenario when the whole world is dealing with theelectronic communication, sending email, texts, replying them are mandatory. Ibelieve that, this is the most important things that I have to be able to do asa writer, but i am not comfortable about emailing to people whose firstlanguage in English.
    Most often, I have to write different types of email to my friends, businessand public organization. Although I try to do my best, however when I come backto my email and find mistakes, I regret and blame myself. Such a bad feelingwhen I make so many mistakes all the time because of the background in my firstlanguage and lack of knowledge in English.
    I am comfortable to write by using paper and pen, but I prefer use mylaptop to write. I am not fast on typing but I know when I use keyboard, mywriting becomes better with less grammatical and spelling mistake. This is a biggood point for me to improve my confidence in writing.
    Before I came to Canada, I used to write poem and essay to describenature and my feeling in different kind of situation. I have had been proud ofmy writing when people encourage me who have read my writing. I wish I couldwrite everything that I have written, In English. This is my dream that one dayI will be able to write about my feeling and thought in that moment easilywithout anxious and mistake.
    I am certain that more practice in writing and reading can help me toimprove my writing skills and it will become easier to write, especially if Ifollow the appropriate structure, which includes using correct tools, cleargrammar and write usage of punctuation. The most things I really want to catchup writing skills and be a good writer at the end of this course to success atbusiness situation.

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    Re: Diagnostic Writing Assignment

    Welcome to the forum. When is your assignment due to be submitted to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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