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    with his head up

    This doesn't seem to be an idiom, but just a phrase meaning "very proudly", right?

    mo25)Jancsi was up bright and early that morning. He didn’t sleep well last night, as Cousin Kate was coming today. She was the only cousin he had, and she was a city girl. A real city girl from Budapest. Ever since the letter came from his uncle, he was walking around with his head up on the big Hungarian plain. He was the only boy in the neighborhood who had a cousin in the city, and she was coming today to stay for a long time. He decided to tell everybody about her at school.
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    Re: with his head up

    Yes, he was proud, if not a little arrogant, about the fact that he was the only boy in the neighbourhood (BrE spelling) who had a cousin who lived in the city.
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