I like to handover the books to ------, after the accounts are finalised because accounts of
payables and receivables need to be updated and if any errors of miss-postings, omissions,
posting of wrong amounts etc. exist that need to be fixed before the handover.

However if you wish that the books to be handed over as it is I shall do so in Feb, 2003.
Because of school holidays, I have arranged some holiday programs for my children and
therefore I will not be able to attend the committee meeting on 22nd Jan.

In my opinion the ideal time to hand over the books is after the closing of the books in April 2013.
As soon as I finalise the accounts I will hand over a hard copy of the accounts along with the MYOB
electronic data in a flash drive so that -------- will continue the bookkeeping either manually
or in MYOB. We need a laptop or desktop installed with MYOB Accountright plus version 19
and MS Excel or any spreadsheet application, compatible with MYOB for computerised operation.

I apologise for not attending the committee meeting on 22nd, Jan.

The Receipts and Payments statements for the months of Nov'13 and Dec'13 will be forwarded
online by 15th Jan.