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Thread: Grammar

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    Dear Sir, Please explain the Phrase " go in for'

    By arputham

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    Re: Grammar

    Quote Originally Posted by arp_ranjit View Post
    Dear Sir, Please explain the phrase "go in for".

    By arputham
    Arp_ranjit, please don't just post phrases for us to deal with. You have clearly seen this phrase somewhere. Please post the whole sentence and the context. In this case, there is more than one meaning for the phrase.

    Please do not start your posts "Dear Sir". Not only is it overly formal but "Sir" only applies to men and there are volunteers of both sexes helping on the forum. You can just start with "Please help me with ..."
    You do not need to end your posts with "By arputham" either. You have a username (arp_ranjit) and that is the name you are known by on the forum.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: Grammar

    In addition to what emsr2d2 said, arp_ranjit, please read the Posting Guidelines:

    Post Titles
    Thread titles should include all or part of the word/phrase being discussed. (Avoid phrases like "HELP!", "Urgent!", "translation please", "how do I say this", "I'm new" and similar expressions.)

    'Go in for' would have been a better thread title as it bears a reference to the question.

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