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    Smile please I need help proper grammer correction to my essay.

    Someone that has always inspired me in my lifetime is my mother and father. My parentís is very important to me and they always up to giving me advice even if I am not up for it. No matter what both of my parent have been there for me whenever I have needed them the most? We have definitely had our ups and downs in our relationship but we have been able to work through everything together. My parentís has so many wonderful qualities about both of my parentís such as kindness, there both a hard working, parentís most of all a great mother and father that raised me inspired me well in life and taught me great in growing up.

    No matter what both of my parentís has going on in their life they will always find time for their family and helping them with whatever is going on in their lives. Encouraging others is a great example is how both my parentsí helped and supported the other side of the family through difficult times. My parentís never seemed to put there selves first before everyone else. As well as youíre not happy then my parentís wonít be happier either. Seeing someone upset makes both my parentsí upset because thatís just the type of good person and strong hearts. Overall my parentís makes these funny jokes and try to make us laugh in bad situations in difficult times. They love to cheer you up on your worst day.
    My parentís is my inspiration and will continue to be one until the day they are no longer on this earth, I will always hold them in high admiration for being themselves and showing me that it is okay to make mistakes, for its how we learn, they showed me that life is more than just marriage, kids and mortgages itís about you and how you want to live it. There advice to me is always stay who you are and never let anyone tell you different. To me that is what being an admired figure is, figuring out who you are and what you can offer the world or the small faces who claim you are their world.

    So, long story short, my parentís showed me how to be me and that it is ok to be me. They taught me how to live in a cruel, uncompassionate, world and never ever lose sight of who I am, and to never compromise my beliefs to make others happy. This is why my mom is someone I greatly admire, not because they were famous or saved in a small country. Not even because both of my parents gave time to charities, or saved little puppies from being run over, but because she was able to pass on a strong sense of self. A character that is not easily forgotten, a person who is willing to listen to anyone and accept what is at face value. He passed on the ability to remain myself in a world that is not happy with reality, and be able to sustain it; to never be fake for anyoneís sake.

    My parents once said, ďIf you donít have love in your life then you not living life, because living life is about loveĒ. I acknowledge everything that my parents gave up in their life to take care of your kids. Thatís why I admire my parents for their sacrifices in life, and their love.

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    Re: please I need help proper grammer correction to my essay.

    Welcome to the forum, Grumpy35.

    We like to help when we can, but we do not help with homework assignments. Your teacher wants to know what you can do, not what we can do.

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