I love the English language! I enjoy finding out the meanings of words I don't know, expanding my vocabulary and looking into the history of language, I find it fascinating!

There are, however, some questions I can't seem to "just Google"...
They come into my head every so often, so I just wanted to ask this one, as it popped in.

OK, here we go, I hope this makes sense:

Is there a word to describe someone who deliberately misinterprets things that someone says, in order to deflect attention from something or divert the conversation?

I was listening to a politician the other day on the radio and you could tell that, even though he understood what the presenter was asking him, he was deliberately picking up on faults in his speech or deflecting attention in anyway possible, whenever he could - using whatever he could - JUST to avoid answering the question (something I'm sure we've all heard politicians do many times before).. It's happened to me during arguments before too..

Right, that's me finished, I hope someone can help; my curiosity is killing me......my cat however, is fine...