This a a definition of "session log":
Session Log

The Session Log is a console facility that tracks changes made on managed hosts during a Web-based System Manager session. Each time an administrator uses Web-based System Manager to make a change on a host, an entry in the log is created. Entries may also be generated by applications to report intermediate results, warnings, or error conditions.
Each entry includes the time and date of the change, the user who made the change, the host where the change was made, and a short message. Double-click on a message to see the complete message text. Click on the columns displayed in the log window to change the sort order of entries. For example, the entries can be sorted by time and date (default order), host name, user name, and message.
The log window includes a Find capability to search for entries that include a particular text string. The administrator can also manage the log by erasing the contents using the Clear button or saving the contents using the Save or Save As buttons.
To view the session log, select Console -> Session Log.
What is the meaning of "session" in "session log" here? How can I infer it from literal meaning of session?
I have consulted many dictionaries but I can't find any definition supporting the definion above.