My native language is English, but I feel so embarrassed that I sometimes don't know the answer to the simplest grammar usage. Below are some sentences that I have saved to a note pad because I wasn't sure which tense to use. Could you please check to see if they're correct?

1) I took a look at your usage, and it indicated(or indicates?) that you had exceeded your allotment.

2) A review of your account indicates(or is it indicated?) that you (had?) contacted us on April 5th

3) I have reviewed your account and can confirm that you had only added the Internet package 1 which provides unlimited browsing.

4) I have reviewed your account and it indicates(or indicated?) that you (had?) called us on January 11th, 2013

5) I have reviewed your account and can confirm that your payment of $500.00 has(or was?) been applied to your account as of January 12th, 2013.

6) Our records indicate that you had contacted us on August 29th to inquire about the Internet package 1 and declined the package when the sales rep offered it to you.

7) Please note that the time stamp for usage may not necessarily reflect the actual time of when the usage had occurred.

Another question is the past perfect tense. Are we allow to use them with specific time or dates?

Example: She said you had called us last Tuesday.

I only know you can't use specific time or dates with present perfect except for "today".

Example: I have received your fax today.

Sorry for all the questions and I thank you in advance for your help!