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    Hello Forum,

    By any chance does anyone know what "legalese" mean?

    May it be used instead of "legal terms/expressions"?
    Are there any other meanings?


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    Re: term

    Legalese is a term usually used prejoratively for legal writing that is difficult for lay people to understand. Legal writing tends to have very long sentences with many carefully phrased clauses, and the features of legal writing that make it resistant to misinterpretation when read by legal professionals also often make documents difficult to read or even deceptive for those without legal training.
    This quote has been taken from Wikpedia. You can find more for Your question if you visit this site.

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    Re: term

    Thanks, but I've already been there. I want to use "legalese" in my resume -I work as a legal assistant. I can't do it if it is used only in the prejorative meaning.

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    Re: term

    Then try 'legal writing/terms/language'

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    Re: term

    thank you

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