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    Re: to be frank with you

    Quote Originally Posted by hombre viejo View Post
    *NOT A TEACHER* "Frank" and "frankly" are both modifiers derived from the noun "frankness"
    Really I thought the derivation worked the other way. Silly me... and silly Online Etymology Dictionary. (Note - humour alert. The dictionary's not wrong: 'frank' predates 'frankness' by well over 200 years).
    which indicates plainness and candor in the communication. "Frank" is the adjective form, as in: "We should have a frank conversation about your ideas." "Frankly" is the adverb form, as in: "Frankly speaking, I think this is a very bad idea." "Actually" is also an adverb which indicates (1) it is a current event or circumstance, or (2) it is factual - however this word lacks the emphasis
    It's not just a question of 'emphasis'. The meanings are totally distinct.
    of being candid and plainspoken that "frankly" does.
    The order seems to me to be reversed; in fact your 'sense 1' scarcely exists in current English (although it is a very commonly used faux ami.)


    PS Speakers of English are often unaware that actualité doesn't mean 'actuality'. It means 'truth', as Alan Clarke knew when he used the French in a Westminter debate.
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