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    silver bullet blotches

    Hi everybody
    I'm not sure I'm asking about idioms, still here is my question
    I know that "silver bullet" has already been discussed here. But "silver bullet blotches" ... I don't get it
    Context: "Imagine eight or ten dope fiendts all scarred up, some toothless and muscular, some with silver bullet blotches on them listening to this pink little creature saying, "Well, we have found, of course, that many of you begin taking drugs . . because you want to be 'cool,' you want to be 'hip,' you want to be 'in.' ...
    thank you in advance

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    Re: silver bullet blotches

    Could they be patches to help them fight the addiction? It's not a standard phrase as far as I can tell.

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    Re: silver bullet blotches

    thans, tdol
    well, I suppose it's about bullet scar. And silver bullet is a joke, 'cause they're junkies (and somehow werewolves?)

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