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    Re: In British English, is /tr/ pronounced as /tʃr/ as well?

    I'm not sure you can consider spoken RP to be a "standard English" when the English-speaking world is actually quite a democratic quilt of regional varieties, many of which vastly outnumber speakers of RP.

    Quote Originally Posted by 5jj View Post
    Particularly when she is commenting on the spoken word!

    I should have made it clear that my agreement was only with the idea that it is considered incorrect in standard English.

    Having thought about it more, I think that even 'incorrect' may be a little strong. However, I do consider it non-standard, and I stand by my "Indeed, if you consciously try to pronounce the 'tr' in 'try' as /tʃr/ you will almost certainly sound unnatural". I think some people are confusing what they think they hear with what is actually produced.

    I have had trainees swear that they pronounce the word 'handbag' with /nd/ before a the /b/, and almost call me a liar when I have said that they have just listened to me use /m/. I have had to use recordings to demonstrate that I (and they!) actually produce /m/ there in normal conversation . This is a bit of a reversal of the situation with the 'tr' blend but, as both Wells (LPD) and Roach (EPD) do record the /m/ for handbag and do not record the /tʃ/ for 'try', I have faith in my views of the pronunciation of 'try' - in standard British English.

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    Re: In British English, is /tr/ pronounced as /tʃr/ as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by konungursvia View Post
    I assumed people knew from context that I meant we speakers of AmE; I don't think I can remember hearing anyone here in North America not pronouncing TR words as /tʃr/.
    And I am speaking only of standard BrE.

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