This is my cover letter for scholarship for master exchange. Can you please tell me your opinion and edit it.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am pleased to write to you to apply for the Basileus IV project for the 2013/14 academic year. I am currently in my first year of master studies on the department Accounting and auditing at University Ss. Cyril and St. Methodius – Faculty of Economic in Skopje, Macedonia. I also finished my undergraduate studies at the same University at the same department.

I have decided to apply for this project because I am strongly interested in experiencing a different lifestyle, and I think that the program offers more than simply cultural delights and entertainment. I am sure that it will enrich me, both personally and academically.

Having looked through the partners of the Basileus IV project, I was delighted to find the opportunity to study at the University of Ljubljana in the winter semester of 2013. Knowing that the University of Ljubljana is ranked between the
top 500 universities according to ARWU Shanghai ranking, I would be a great honored to be chosen for a master exchange scholar there. I chose Slovenia as my preferred destination because I would love to experience Slovenian educational system. I have think that our two societies , Macedonian and Slovenian are very similar but still different and that also strengthens my motivation to live and study in this country. With regard to my English language skills, I truly believe that my level of English is more than sufficient for studying at this university.

I have always chosen challenging courses and I have excellent academic records. My academic achievement is also demonstrated by the state scholarship that I was receiving for my undergraduate studies. I was a junior assistant in the subject Basics of Accounting which included helping students with assignments. Tutoring has taught me to work diplomatically and successfully with a wide variety of students

I have done a fair amount of community services including volunteering on humanitarian concerts as well as many humanitarian actions, volunteering at the open days of my University and volunteering in an ecological organization. I was member of MASSUM and AIESEC, both youth organizations for professional development of young people.

Travel has played a large role in shaping my view of others and of cultural differences. I have visited USA in the summer 2010 through work and travel program where I stayed for 3 months. I also visited Germany in the summer of 2012 for work, travel and language learning program.

I am very self-confident, flexible and a hard working student, especially in new teams, so I believe I could contribute a lot to the academic environment. The modules system offered at this university will help me to reach my aim of enriching my knowledge .I am sure that the time spent in Slovenia will allow me to broaden my perspective and contribute to my personal development by expanding my abilities and widening my experience in a variety of academic disciplines. I consider it is a challenge and an opportunity to explore and identify ways of improving myself and, at the same time, this opportunity would be a means to improve my English.

I believe that studying at University of Ljubljana will have a positive impact on my future professional life and I am confident that my experience in Slovenia would be extremely exciting, fun, and valuable for both my studies and overall general development.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully
Katerina Ljamova