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    a beacon of policy

    From VOA News:
    Creating jobs and bolstering the economy will still be the president's top domestic goals in his second term. But he is unlikely to get cooperation from opposition Republicans
    Obama is also determined to achieve immigration reform, an unfinished first term goal. It will require coalition building on Capitol Hill.
    "We need to seize the moment, and my expectation is that we get a bill introduced, and we begin the process in Congress very soon after my inauguration," he said.
    John Hudak at the Brookings Institution predicts Obama will seek results any way he can.
    "I think what the president wants most is for a Democrat to succeed him, and the best way for a Democrat to win the White House in 2016 is for him to be essentially a beacon of policy, to get things done," he said.
    Overseas, in Afghanistan, Obama will oversee the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014.
    Iran's nuclear program and potential Israeli military action may require critical decisions as could the violent conflict in Syria.
    Analysts expect Obama to be cautious in deploying U.S. military assets, relying on international partners.
    "There may be instances in the next four years where American boots will need to be on the ground somewhere that we don't expect today, but it is going to have to meet a very high threshold for how does this impact the vital national interests of the United States, and who do we have with us," said former U.S. Diplomat Karl Inderfurth, who is at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
    My questions:
    1.Is "coaliation building" something like bipartisanship?
    2.What does " a beacon of policy" mean?
    3.I suppose "American boots" means "American army" here, but I wonder how "boots" can mean "army"?

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    Re: a beacon of policy

    (Not a Teacher)
    1) Since there are only two parties, that's pretty much what coalition-building means here. However, he may be talking about allying with certain elements of the Republican party rather than try to make friends with every Republican faction.

    2) It means Obama intends to set the standard for successful policy-making.

    3) Every service branch of the US military wears boots. Therefore, "boots" are a common stand-in for "troops" or "soldiers".

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