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    the difference

    my teacher has told me that the diffrence among the african-american porouncers and the white pronouncers in speaking english is because of the environment and the coummunity surrounding them, therefore there are words that the african-american people would never been able to pronounce as the way the white people do, and so do the white.
    i'm still wondering is that so?

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    Re: the difference

    I'm not sure I'd agree with the idea that either side 'never would have been able to pronounce' things one way or the other. It is true that the pronunciation of the community around you is the one that has most impact on you, but you could put a baby of any ethnicity or group into any other group and it would be able to speak that language or regional dialect perfectly. In this specific case, there are historical reasons for the development of AAVE (African American Vernacular English), which brings influences from the languages of Africa, which mingled with the English around them, just as English itself developed in the UK by the mixing of languages and influences.

    If you want some more information on the issue, you'll find more detailed descriptions of it here:

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    Re: the difference

    well, i think that has some concerns with the historical reasons, too, and there are a lot of issues in that as well. However i dont think the baby situation that you've just mentioned about is not as the thing of my post, cause i think there are diffirences about that.
    thank you for your reply

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