Poll: If you make a good fist of something, you do it ____.

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Thread: Fist

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    You can check your answer here.

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    Re: Fist

    Fist may refer to:

    • A hand that has the fingers curled into the palm and the thumb retracted, displaying the knuckles
    • In falconry, the hand covered by a heavy glove as in boxing, on which the hawk perches
    • Fist bump a gesture similar in meaning to a handshake or high five
    • The individual characteristics of a telegraph operator's style keying the telegraph key
    • Fist, a recurring character in the BBC Three Situation comedy series Ideal (TV series)
    • FIST (1996 video game), a 1996 video game
    • A raised fist, a salute used by political and social activists
    • Fist (UK band), a heavy metal band from the UK
    • In printing, another name for the symbol ☞, see index (typography)
    • Fist also refers to a band of men (manus), or a squad

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    Re: Fist

    I had no idea of what this fist idiom meant...have never heard that expression before. But how can it mean something good....for me raising a fist isn't that good...or have I missed something?

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