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Thread: hi everybody

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    hi everybody

    I'm the new member of this room. . I have a question that is the assignment of my teacher. "English is considered a (if not the) most powerful language in the world. It has a difficult and complex past, and has emerged: to be not only a langauge of "colonizers" but a language of the colonized . Individuals have taken English as a move for economic power and freedom and now the langauge has grown in many unique ways. what is the positive and negative consequences of the dominance of English?''
    I hope everybody will help me answer this hard question.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: hi everybody

    Firstly, you have to be clear on what you think of the role of English. The positive consequences are fairly simple- the spread of international ciommunication. The negative ones are more complex- in poorer countries, it creates elites as those with the money to study it end up with the best jobs, which renews a cycle of an economic elite. What impact does it have in Vietnam- try to express your thoughts here.


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