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  1. mouhcine

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    i m loooking for a good methods to keep a lot of words in my mind

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    Re: la reality

    i don't know ..but for me i watch movies and then i go to
    it's the interent movie data base
    and i look for the the title and then, i go to quote and start read it and try to learn it by heart and if i didn't know the meaning i lookthe word up ...
    and really i learned new things and new words
    i tell you.. it's enjoying and useful
    and also you can read short stories from time to time
    that's what i'm doing ..i hope i helped you in someway
    see you

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    Re: la reality

    Most people have to use a word a number of times in order to get it fixed in their long-term memory. Otherwise, the words you learn one day are often completely forgotten the next.

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