Hello all,

I am a missionary from the United States serving in Guatemala, and I was just asked to teach Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade English classes. The classes will be held twice a week on tuesdays and thursdays for forty-five minutes per grade level.

Now this is a daunting task considering my background is in science, and I have never taught English. Also, I have no curriculum to work with and almost all the students are absolute beginners with regards to the English language. Each class has approximately 15 students.

Any advice would be so appreciated! I was told to speak as much English in the classes as possible (I do speak Spanish decently though) and to focus on speaking as opposed to straight up vocabulary. Right now, my greatest concerns and difficulties have been as follows:

1. Trying to develop seperate lesson plans appropriate for each grade level.
2. Finding game ideas and story ideas to incorporate into the lessons.
3. Developing realistic learning objectives for each class.
4. Working with EXTREMELY limited resources (my students will not have access to textbooks, computers, or worksheets)
5. Figuring out how to assess learning retention

I realize this may be very vague, but like I said, this is all very new for me. Any teaching advice, game ideas, or very basic stories or song ideas would be appreciated! Thank you so much for your time and help :)