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    a/the new seating plan && at the 9.00

    Hi there,

    I got an email having this, Attached is the new seating chart. We’ll talk about it at the 9:00.
    Is it correct?
    I would replace the first the with a and get rid of the second one.

    Thanks Alex.

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    Re: a/the new seating plan && at the 9.00

    It's fine as it is. You could use "a" for the first one, but "the" is fine. There is a particular chart, so "the" is OK.

    The second "the" is necessary, too. There is a word "missing" from the end. "The 9:00" refers to "the 9:00 meeting." Or "conference call." Or "appointment." Or similar.

    Saying you will talk about at 9:00 is OK, but means something slightly different.

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