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    John and I OR I and John

    Is there any grammar rule for the order in "I and John" OR "John and I"?

    A friend of mine mentioned that:
    If it is a positive situation, then "I" should come second
    and If it is a negative situation, then "I" should come first.

    I am not sure about the order in my samples, but want to know if there is a grammatical rule? Because as far as I remember, "I" always should come last regardless of the situation.

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    Re: John and I OR I and John

    John and I went to the same university.
    John and I didn't take the same subjects.
    Both John and I played rugby.
    Neither John nor I had a girlfriend.
    My father took John and me to the cinema.
    He didn't take John and me to the theatre.

    'I' comes last. It's style, not grammar.
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    Re: John and I OR I and John

    Yes, style as a corollary of good manners.

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