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    Wlhat is the purpose of identifying compound verbs?

    A recent grammar lesson I studied introduced "compound verbs" These are not the well known verb strings or verb phrases which function as the one verb in a single sentence or subordinate clause. Rather, they are the two or more verbs which appear in each of a multiple clause sentence. If one can find the verb in any simple sentence or clause, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentence I am wondering what is to be gained by identifying each one. The lesson doesn't explain any benefit of identifying all of them, but says that, collectively, they are called compound verbs. I am wondering if this is intended to be useful in identifying clauses in a sentence.

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    Re: Wlhat is the purpose of identifying compound verbs?

    Most native speakers will get through their lives without identifying a compound verb or even knowing what one is. I am honestly not sure how useful this sort of exercise would be. Can you give us a link to it? The explanation seems a bit odd to me.

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