Hello, so I believe my cover lame is pretty poor, and would like to have someone or others look at it and help me make it better. I need all the help I can for applying to different jobs. Here is my generic Cover Letter, any tips/corrections would be very helpful.

Dear Hiring Manager:

Hello, my name is [Name] and I am interested in applying for (a position) in your company. I graduated in December 2010 from [insert school here ]. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. I am an enthusiastic individual and work well with others. I am fully confident in my abilities and would be ecstatic to be a part of your company.

I can be available for contact by phone at [phone number] and by email at [my email]. I would be more than happy to set up an appointment for an interview for this job. Thank you for everything and I hope you consider me for this position.

[My name]