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    Annotated biblography

    I am wiritng Annotated Periodicals about ESL websites.Can you please check it for me.I appreciate your help.

    " TESL-EJ:
    TESL-EJ began as the brainchild of a group of scholars who saw the need for a freely-distributed electronic academic journal .Its explicit audience is people who are interested in TESL. It has grown to become an internationally- recognized source of ESL and EFL information for people in scores of countries. TESL-EJ is fully refereed--each article undergoes a review by at least two knowledgeable scholars.
    TESL-EJ publishes original articles in the research and practice of English as a second or foreign language. It includes feature articles, media previews, on the internet, and reviews .It also includes columns about Education and society (Adamson, H.D. (2005), Language Minority Students in American Schools.) TESL-EJ welcomes studies in ESL/EFL pedagogy, second language acquisition, language assessment, applied socio- and psycholinguistics, and other related areas, for quarterly publication.
    I think this site will be of great help to ESL teachers because it provides up to date research and books in TESL field .It also includes issues concerning media and technology .One of the media reviews included talks bout “Understanding and Using English Grammar”, which is a CD-ROM computer program designed to teach grammar patterns to upper intermediate and advanced learners.
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    Re: Annotated biblography

    original articles in - on
    in TESL field- in ESL or in the TESL field
    Reading in a Foreign Language, a scholarly- Reading in a Foreign Language is a scholarly
    is the bi-monthly- a??
    timely feature and department articles- features
    much more!- no exclamation (that would be the source punctuation)
    Things your students can do online- and thing..


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