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    biologically active point/spot


    Below there is a short extract from one of the sources about medicine. The extract has to do with reflexodiagnostics.

    "The research conducted by scientists from different academic communities showed that one of the possible approaches to prediction and early detection of different diseases, including stomach diseases, is reflexodiagnostics. This approach is based on measuring energetic characteristics of biologically active points (BAPs)"

    Could you please help me with the following:

    1) Is the term "biologically active point" correct? Should the last word be "point" or "spot"?

    2) What about "energetic characteristics"? Should we say "energetic" or "energy" characteristics?

    Thanks a great deal

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    Re: biologically active point/spot

    (not a teacher)

    It all looks correct to me. I understand what BAP means, but no idea what parts of the body it refers to. "Energetic" is appropriate here under the meaning "of or pertaining to energy".

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