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    Please Help/ Juilus Caesar

    Please help me to understand what this play is about have read it several times and I am unable to understand. I am trying to bring my grades up in school and I have a big test on this comming up this week. I truely need help with this. One of the things I need to know is who was the tragic hero in this play. And any short way that maybe you can help me understand the play itself.
    Please Help Thank You

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    Re: Please Help/ Juilus Caesar

    The tragic hero is normally the person in the title. However, the idea of a tragic hero is that they are people we admire, but who have a fatal flaw, the tragic flaw, and that this will lead to their death. In this case, many say the tragic figure is Brutus:
    Brutus believed the action was necessary to prevent Caesar from becoming dictator-for-life, meaning that all power would reside in Caesar and not in the delegates representing the people. In Shakespeare’s play, Brutus’s nobility and idealism gain the audience’s sympathy. But in the ancient Roman world of power politics, characterized by perfidy and pragmatism, it is his virtues that doom him. His downfall and death are the real tragedy of the play, not the death of Caesar.

    Have a look here for more information:

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