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    accents graphics

    the English language has words with accents graphics?
    if the answer is yes cite some, if not speak why

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    Re: accents graphics

    Quote Originally Posted by hugomlazaro View Post
    if the answer is yes cite some, if not speak why
    You are more likely to receive helpful responses if you phrase your question as a request rather than as a demand:

    If, yes, please give some examples; if not, please explain why.

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    Re: accents graphics

    Are you asking if English uses words with accented characters? No. We have 26 letters in our alphabet and make do with those.

    That said, certain words borrowed from other languages may still be represented in some places with those accent marks, but this is not always necessary.

    If I ask someone for a copy of their resume, they would surely understand that I meant their résumé.

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