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    Correct the grammar and spelling.

    Hello! Teacher,

    A good day to you.

    Can you please help to check this following speech and correct the grammar and spelling as earlier at your convenient if any mistake.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Very special thanks to honorable TSLKY, our respected principal, beloved teachers,CY, Mr. TZ, Madam LYH, Mr. CCW and everyone who support us.
    Thank you Tan Sri for establishing this institute for special physical challenges and poor people and also giving us the opportunity to study here and get employed after graduate. I have learnt many things while getting beneficial knowledge in these three years at EA. Besides that, I have also learnt how to be independent in many ways by putting up my efforts without giving up. Such as, the first time I left from my hometown to come over here to study, I had an opportunity of performing on the stage, as that was my first time being on stage. I really appreciated the opportunity given to me for performing on stage, because it builds my ability, strength, braveness and etc. It made me dare to performance and speak in front of many people. Whereas, it was a practical to test myself and show whether I am able to do things, Also to learn from mistakes and notice myself in which level of performance that I could reach up by doing more practices and have more improvements. Therefore, they have given me chances of doing things practically, in order to get more knowledge, share knowledge and make myself getting to know more new things which are taught by my beloved teachers.
    Moreover, my respected principal and my beloved teachers have been teaching me a lot of things, such as to become a benevolent person, being such a person; I learnt how to be kind, friendly and helpful to others. Meanwhile, I have also learnt how to show respect, love, and care for my family. By getting this knowledge of being a benevolent person, it helps me to bring up this as a reference for my future life, as I will build my family in future and I will apply or use this knowledge. In this situation, it will remain and reminds me of the teaching given by my beloved teachers as my knowledge.
    In addition to that, by practically I have also been getting knowledge in computer literate, configuration and further more about computer, besides computer, there are also art history, graphic designing, web designing. In order to learn all mentioned, we have applied using software called the Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop and etc.
    I believe there is nothing impossible for a person to do something and I believe things we do does not appear as difficult unless, we put enough effort, in order to get a good result. At first, I felt difficult because it was a starting or beginning. I did not have any knowledge about computer literate, software, configuration and computer culture. At that time, I felt uneasy and had difficulties in doing my homework but I felt much better after being taught by my teachers patiently. With that, now I can understand and able to do things without doubt. I have positive attitude to face any problems or errors.
    Nevertheless, I would say that our institute is different than other institutes and colleges. The most special thing done in our institute is the classical culture education, for example, Di Zi Gui, the Analects, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream and even I learned about Confucius teaching and etc. Every morning before class starts we read and recite classical book for a while. Besides that, we had a great opportunity in participating the little scholar classical recitation assessment at Kuala Lumpur; this was organized once a year. All mentioned above, have inspire our inner potential and wisdom. We have learnt practicing those theory books on our daily life and we have to be more harmonies between people. I am glad that our institute is providing vegetarian meals for us, which is very beneficial for our lifestyle and health wise. I have notice that, vegetarian meal helped me cure some parts of my body; from there I have also gain some knowledge about how good is vegetarian food for people. A special thanks to TSL and Chairman TKH for giving a brilliant choice and ideas of providing vegetarian food in our institute.
    Madam LYH and Mr. CCW they had prepared wonderful, delicious and healthy nutrition vegetarian meal for us. In class, principal and teachers have explained us the importance of being vegetarianism. We have also learned and realize about meat eating is harmful to humans, animals and it also causes global warming. Most of the students are now used to take vegetarian food, this will help and safe mother earth. It’s a positive taught. This is so wonderful!
    We would like to say thanks to Mr. TZ, who is a volunteer for helping up in our institute, he always helps to clean our institute, so that, we can study in a clean and tidy environment.

    Even though, whenever we go against the institute’s rules and regulations, there are always people like admin assistant who give advices to students that have gone against the institute rules. Furthermore, our institute also organizes the enlightening classical cultural camp once a year and we have chances to travel and learn, this really inspire all of us very much. We have been to Cameron Highland last year. We thanks to our respected principal, our beloved teachers and everyone for supporting this adventures and nice arrangement. We had a great fun. I have made lots of friends and know each other better. It is a fate that is not simple. Whether is it in classroom, in hostel, or anywhere else, we always care for each others. We as student and as a big family need to be responsible and need to help each other in dividing the house work equally in order to get rid of misunderstanding.
    Now our graduation is around the corner. The time that we are spending with each other by studying and living together is getting lesser and lesser. I feel sad for leaving this place of heaven, my institute, my beloved teachers, principal and all my beloved friends too. I have realize that, In EA , is not just a place of learning about computer but I have learnt many new things. Whatever I have learned in this institute is unforgettable. I have lots of sweet and sad memories in this institute which can’t be erased. Even though there is sad moment, it does not mean our relationship ends. We have learned to apologize and forgive each other. If I have done any mistakes to anyone, I am sorry and please forgive me.
    Last but not least, once again I would like to say a big thanks to our honorable TSLKY, Chairman TKH and our respected principal, our beloved teachers, our supporters and my beloved friends. Thank you so much for everything. We really appreciate for everything and may our honorable TS will be respected by all of us. Thank you. We’ll miss all of you. May god bless every one of us.
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