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    Wink -ing

    hello there again,

    Some verb can be added with -ing(continuous tense) without be verb such as is/are/was/were. could you explain why please?

    for an example: Not going home?

    without be verb, it can be form with -ing

    and what is gerund?



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    Re: -ing

    Not going home?
    This is common in colloquial English and could be done with any verb. However, it is not standard and would be wrong in writing or when speaking formally- it's fine when chatting with friends, but if you did it in a jib interview or an exam, it would be a mistake.
    A gerund is the -ing form of the verb when it functions as a noun:
    Smoking is bad for you. (here it's the subject)
    I thought about doing it. (after a prepostion)


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