English for specific purposes.
I need inspiration. I need some new ideas for group reading/speaking activities.

I am training police recruits in ESL in French Canada. I have access to "Media Reports" (See examples below) from a police department in English Canada.

There is a lot of policing vocabulary I want them to learn.
And the same time I want them to read more.
I want to do more group oral activities.

I guess I can create yet another dictation, fill-in-the-blank or a jigsaw activity. But that gets old fast. Anyone have any inspiring ideas?

File 13-*****
At 3:34 pm, an unmarked police car was headed east on ***** Ave in ***** when it was struck from behind by another east bound vehicle. The second vehicle failed to stop and was followed by the police car until it stopped in the downtown area. This resulted in a 35 year old male being charged with failing to stop at an accident, two breaches of court orders, operating unregistered vehicle, operating uninsured vehicle and operate motor vehicle with no license. The male was held for court and his vehicle impounded. There were no injuries to the two police officers involved and minor damage to the police car.

File # 13 - *****
9:30 P.M. RNC street patrol officers arrested one adult male in the ***** Dr., ***** area under eight outstanding warrants. In order to facilitate the arrest, officers became involved in a foot chase with the male. The noted individual will appear in court in the morning.