Should countries not isolate themselves from the world but instead engage

It is my believe that the countries should collaborate among themselves and not be isolated. To achieve the development it is necessary cooperation to achieve a solution for many social issues that affect us in a global way. As Ernst B. Haas asserts: the need for collaboration arises from the recognition of the excessive cost of self-reliance at the national level.

In the current days, globalization seems to introduce us to a world of interconnections where the problems that emerge in a very far place on the planet can affect us. Collaboration among states appears as the solution to cope with the social issues which emerge from the farthest part of the globe. Making more possible the achievement of development in other countries. The proof lies in the fact of the greater amount between governments are related to welfare and wealth.

Furthermore, we can see a global agenda for developed and developing countries to aim better conditions in trade, welfare and social rights. Likewise, this makes compulsory the openness of the boundaries of the nation states, in other words, not been isolated from this process of cooperation and collaboration.
Many international and supranational agencies, required the participation of the states to solve global issues, the most recognizable is the United Nations Organization, this organization makes worthy effort to deal with the global social problem that strokes the societies. I would like to highlight the enact of the “millennium goals”, this global agenda aims the achieve basic standards in the nations to solve poverty, starvations, and habitability problems.

Therefore, diplomacy is an important feature in the globalization, any country must a have a good diplomatic corps to deal with great management, the relation with other governments and organizations.
In conclusion, countries should have their boundaries open to obtain the benefit of the collaboration among the countries, but at the same time in relation with the supranational and international organization. Helping them each other the countries would be more prepared to cope with different social issues stated above.