Could you please have a look at my covering letter and correct mistakes ? I would be really grateful !:)

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
I am hereby applying for admission to the Erasmus Exchange Program for winter semester 2013 in. Currently I am a student of Master’s International Business Program at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. However, as a student I worn “different hats” and did my bachelor of Japanese Studies, at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, at the same University.
While I was studying on the faculty of Oriental Studies I acquired knowledge concerning Japanese culture, and language skills. Overwhelming amount of information, facts, characters to learn, forced me to learn not to waste time. It was adapt or die trying. I have learned to budget my time and my assets, and most importantly, I have learned to be flexible and to get things done. It was great opportunity to get a flavor of totally different culture, lifestyle. Unfortunately, being an translator is definitively not my cap of tea. Hence, I decided to pursue a bit different career. Japan is symbol of economic growth and prosperity, thus, only cultural picture was not complete. Therefore, as my bachelor thesis was about non-regular employment in Japan in 1986-2012, I started my master studies at the Faculty of Management at University of Warsaw. My aim is to combine language skills with business knowledge. I truly believe that cultural awareness and ability to communicate in language of the country you do business in is inevitable. International Business Program was a perfect choice. I’m studying with people from all over the world, learning not only about business but also about different cultures. Therefore, participation in Erasmus Program would be a next step in gaining experience and knowledge, enriching me both personally and academically. Studying abroad would allow me to experience different approach to education. I am willing to take risk and face challenge of leaving and studying in foreign country.
I am sure that the time spent in will allow me to broaden my perspective and will contribute to my personal development by expanding my abilities and widening experience in a variety of business subjects. It is a challenge and opportunity to explore and identify ways of improving myself. I would also have a chance to discover a different country, its unique traditions and culture, meet students from all over the world. I truly believe that studying at would also have a positive impact on my future career.
Respectfully yours,