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    grade this essay for me on the scale ged 0-4 and also check for punctuation error etc

    the topic stated whats is the major benefit of exercise

    The major benefit of exercise is that it provides overall good health for an individual.Persons who exercise tend to follow a strict diets, have a lower tendency to be ill, and have much more control over their physical appearance.

    Having a balanced diet and exercising goes hand in hand.Persons who workout pay more attention to the foods they consume; they inspect food labels keenly, calculate their calories precisely, and makes they food choices carefully from the food pyramid. This results in one having adequate protein and carbohydrates in their diet, in which exercise further abets by properly releasing energy from their bodies for daily use.

    Athletes hardly get sick; This is because they are constantly active. Exercising helps the body get rid of harmful toxins, excess co2, and aids our veins and vessels to maintain their elastic nature.Being active also helps if you are already sick ; it's a life changer for stroke and diabetes suffers helping them prevent future complications from these deadly illnesses.

    Weight control is the number one goal for anyone who is exercising, whether it's gaining muscle mass by lifting heavy weights or shedding a few pounds via the treadmill. Doctors and healthcare providers always recommends exercise as the tool to accomplish this feat.

    With all that being said, persons who exercise are generally in better health, due to fact of the life style and benefits associated with exercising.

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    Re: grade this essay for me on the scale ged 0-4 and also check for punctuation error

    1. Welcome to the forum.
    2. When do you have to submit your piece to your teacher/tutor?
    3. We quite like the words "Please" and "Thank you" on this forum. Your title sounds like an order.
    4. In addition, your title doesn't follow the forum guidelines which ask you to include some words from your post in the title. A better title would have been "The major benefit of exercise" or similar.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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