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    Unhappy as well as

    I am not sure what kinds of verb forms should be follwed after as well as. for example, in the following sentneces which one is right? Some books says that verb ing form should be followed after as well as. other books say the verb should be consistent. what do you think????????????

    1. I have to feed the dog as well as look ( or looking)after my children.
    2. she sings as well as dances( or dancing?)
    3. i sang as well as danced( or dancing?)

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    Re: as well as

    I think look/dances/danced are fine. I'd use the gerund like this:
    As well as feeding the dogs, I have to look after my children.

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    Re: as well as

    Unless you use the same verb tense or form, it becomes a faulty parallelism. Therefore, it should be :

    1. I have to feed the dog as well as look after my children.

    I would change the other sentences to:

    2. she sings and dances as well
    3. i sang and danced as well


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