Hello guys. I am currently in the process of writing up my Phd cover letter thus would greatly appreciate any help in reviewing it since I am not english speaking applicant. Thank you very much in advance.

Dear Selection Committee Members,

I am writing this letter to apply for the PhD studentship in XXX offered by the XXX. I believe my academic background,
experience and skills are well suited for the needs of this endeavour.

I graduated with MSc in Physiotherapy from the XXX in 2010 and I completed MSc in Sport Injury Management and Therapy at XXX in 2011. These experiences have exposed me to excellent opportunities concerning research environment and have allowed me to acquire specific skills including: reflective learning, critical thinking and reviewing, ability to analyze and synthesize data, managing a research project and a systematic review and preparing concise and logically-written materials. During my studies, the knee and shoulder joints soon became subjects of my main interest. The dissertation project for my first master’s degree, reviewed the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions after meniscal repair. My English degree research project investigated glenohumeral internal rotation deficit and shoulder joint position sense in recreational cricket players and has been recently submitted for publication in the Journal of Sports Sciences. Given my genuine interest in the knee joint, I became fascinated in the relationship between knee trauma and early osteoarthritis onset and in the biomechanical and neuromuscular risk factors associated with the pathogenesis of this common disease. I believe that accurate identification of these factors is crucial for designing and implementing novel approaches for prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. As the Centre for the XXX at XXX has important research activities in these areas, I would like to have the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree in XXX.
Apart from my academic background and research interests, I have a relevant work experience. Physiotherapy assistant position in the sports orthopaedic center gave me the opportunity to treat professional and amateur athletes suffering from
various injuries, including ACL ruptures, meniscal lesions and cartilage defects. Currently, I work as a physiotherapist and knee osteoarthritis among general population, is one of the most common conditions I deal with. These experiences
allow me to critically evaluate relevant concepts from the scientific literature in relation to the presentations observed in the clinical setting.
To deepen my understanding of the association between knee trauma and osteoarthritis, I have started my blog – XXX. The main aim is to analyse and summarize clinical relevance of recently published research on knee injuries and their contribution to early osteoarthritis development.
Finally, I possess appropriate personal characteristics to be able to study at the PhD level. During my degree in England, to cover tuition fees I had to undertake full - time employment, therefore, studying and working at the same time, required from
me to develop solid organizational and time management skills, prioritize workload and to be independent, self – disciplined and efficient.
In conclusion, considering my academic background, professional experience, research interests and skills, I am fully convinced, I would be an valuable asset and efficient contributor to the research team in the Centre for XXX.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should you require additional information. Thank you very much for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.