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    Question Why pop star is so important that they can go into the bunker when there is end of th

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    We would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak today. It should be obviously we will be indispensible.
    Happiness is a very powerful medicine that produces a longer life to us. It reduces the stressful that we face everyday.
    In other words, if a person still not happy all the time. He will just kill himself .Then, it will affect his mental health. So, it becomes so meaningless. When they go out of the bunker, they don’t know what will happen next, for e.g. parent’s death, etc.
    There are three types of pop stars. Firstly, we want to explain the misconception of people why they think pop star is a negative imagine .It is not true ,is just some of them but not all .If you read newspaper, you usually find that they always join the money donation to help those poor people. It is very meaningful and can give out a positive thinking, too. For action movie star, they can use their own skill to protect us. While the incident is coming out, they can use their strong arm to protect us because they have training before acting the movie. On the other hand, for movie star, their types usually around friendship, be more positive to face the problem .They still can act without recorder, it can also a good way.
    Inside the bunker, if the programmer goes in with his tools. He just write the program but do they so something positive to encourage people? No, we can’t just rely on it, also, if the program that is produced by programmer and bring side effect, will they become happy again?
    For army office, we don’t support with this is because it is so straight forward. They don’t have their logical thinking that they must give respect to country .But they should think deeper, if a country is a dictatorship, will you still go to that .If you do, and will they attack back to you again? We think that their life is so bored .They just have training but no value there.
    Suppose everything destroys and back to basic .There are no computers, no books, no program. Do they feel lonely? The answer is no because there are also singers. In their mind, there are thousand of songs. When they have a live show, they need to memorize all the lyric before. They can just sing and let people leave out with bored so it can be an encouraging tool and let them not to be negative but be more positive.
    Thank you
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