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    Question Recommendation of Employer

    Ms. M.M. Gelson was in the service of this project in the capacity of the Asst. Director (Monitoring and Evaluation) from 2nd April 2002 to 31st January 2006.
    During this period she shouldered the responsibilities in all monitoring activities and benefit monitoring. The project has reckoned his creativity and diligence in this area and had been assigned to cover the post of Deputy Director which had been vacant for one and half years (May 2004 to September 2005). She had performed well in this position and was able to streamline the monitoring process especially in enterprise development activities undertaken by the project. In addition to her duties she was covering the duties of coordination and supervision of Enterprise Development Division and Training Division of the project for 8 months till he resigned.
    She has proven her skills and gained experience through performing several disciplines, and his achievements are:
     Establishment of Activity monitoring system and introducing progress-monitoring system for the project.
     Preparation of work plan for first three years by coordinating stakeholders, and resource personnel according to the well set up logical Frame Work.
     Introducing a mechanism and databases for all Enterprise Development Service providers. The progress and the monitoring of the EDS activities and ‘Dasuna’ credit line basically running on this system and the system has been recognized by the ADB.
    Moreover, she has undertaken duties which are in-line with day to day routine work related to the M&E division such as:
     Planning of Annual Work Plans (Operational/Activity/monitoring) of the project, Management of Progress monitoring activities on EDS and Infrastructure Development components
     Analyzing physical & financial progress of the project
     Coordination and highlighting short falls and issues for monthly progress meetings (PMO), Project Management Committee meeting (PMC), and Provincial Advisory committee meeting (PAC) and convene top management to take prompt action in shortfalls.
     Evaluation of performances of officers and consultancy works
     Maintaining & managing of Management Information System (MIS) and convene top management (MRID, ADB, MPI, ERD) to take prompt action in shortfalls.
    In addition to her above performances, I found her honest loyal and have no hesitation to recommend him to any prospective employer.
    I wish her ever success in his future career.
    Eng. H.A. Gamini Kularatne
    Project Director

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    Re: Recommendation of Employer

    Please let me know whether the above letter of recommendation of the Employer is in order

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    Re: Recommendation of Employer

    The project has reckoned- The project recognised
    and had been assigned- and she was assigned
    She had performed well- She performed well
    monitoring process especially-monitoring process, especially
    In addition to her duties- In addition to her duties,
    supervision of Enterprise Development Division- supervision of the Enterprise Development Division
    8 months till he resigned- she??
    and his achievements are- her
    to the well set up logical Frame Work- to the logical framework, which was well set-up
    short falls- shortfalls
    convene- convening
    action in shortfalls- on
    Maintaining & managing of Management Information- Maintaining & managing Management Information
    her above performances- her above performance
    her ever success in his- her every success in her

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