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    "If you’re used to praise, ..."

    "Teachers often see perfectionism in gifted children, although psychologists disagree over whether it’s built into intelligence. It also can result from praise. "If you’re used to praise, absence of praiseis criticism. And these children can be especially attuned," explains Ken Rice, a research psychologist at the University of Florida. A gifted child who is overpraised, or rewarded solely for achievements, could easily learn to associate love with her performance."
    Do You Always Feel You're Letting Yourself Down? | Psychology Today

    Shouldn’t the word praise here be –ing takers? Or do we have an exception? I would use "If you are used to praising, …" I am not saying that "If you are used praise, …" is wrong. Does the word praise in that context function as a noun?
    praise v ((SHOW APPROVAL)) - definition in American English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary Online

    Also, I have checked the below site and found ...
    If you are used to something, you have often done or experienced it, so it's not strange, new or difficult for you.
    English grammar: how to use 'be used to', 'get used to' and 'used to'
    Does that mean that we don't need gerund here?

    By the way, I think that the internet is better than books because native speakers are no longer obliged to grammar books. They start using "I am loving …" instead of "I love ... ." So, I am going to burn all my books and study English online.

    My husband hates my promotion
    Dear Coleen,
    I’ve recently been promoted and it’s causing problems between me and my husband. We’ve been together for five years and married for one.
    My company recently made several redundancies and, as a result, I’ve been promoted with a good pay rise and I’m doing two people’s jobs.
    It’s stressful but I’m loving the new challenges and responsibilities.
    Dear Coleen Nolan: Husband hates my promotion - Mirror Online
    And when I checked Google, it says ...

    Language is constantly changing. Enough people seem to be using stative verbs in progressive tenses that we can probably say it’s becoming more accepted in popular culture to use them that way. That said, it’s still probably best for ESL teachers to continue to advise their students not to say, “I’m loving it” or to use other potentially incorrect stative verbs in progressive tenses. ESL teachers should point out, though, that students will hear native speakers using stative verbs in progressive tenses when the moment seems right.
    Grammar Girl : Is "I'm Loving It" Proper Grammar? :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

    P.S.: It must be said that I ask you such questions because I couldn’t pass English exam. This is the eighth time I have flunk.

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    Re: "If you’re used to praise, ..."

    "If you are used to praise, the absence of praise is percieved as criticism." "praise" is a noun in the context of the text.

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    Re: "If you’re used to praise, ..."

    I am used to pain, punishment, unfair treatment, praise, etc.
    I am used to hurting people, punishing them, treating them unfairly, praising people etc
    I am used to being hurt, being punished, being treated unfairly, being praised, etc.
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    Re: "If you’re used to praise, ..."

    If you are "used to praise" that means receiving praise.

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