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  1. matilda


    dear all
    i have a question in grammer .
    i dont know where to use ( be+ used to )
    i searched in some books but i could just finf where to use ( used to ) and where to use ( get used to ) .
    please help me in this case .
    thanks a million .

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    "I used to be young and good-looking."
    "That used to be a nice car."
    "That car is a piece of crap, but it didn`t used to be."

    P.S.-It`s true, I`m not so young anymore. But I still have my good looks!

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    Re: question

    I think (s)he also meant the other meanings of used to... (be+; get+)
    Like: "I'm used to getting up early in the morning." I think it means that I've been getting up early regularly for a longer time, and it's not hard for me any more.

    "I'm getting used to getting up early." Maybe it tells that it was a process and now it's finished, so now I am used to getting up.

    I'm not sure about these though...

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