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Can you please check this cover letter for me?
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Dear Sir, Madam,

This letter is to express my interest in applying to the Recanati MBA student Exchange Program for the academic year of 2013/2014.

Applying to the exchange program is a chance I've been waiting for since I've decided to enroll the MBA program at TAU. I believe that the unique chance of studying and living abroad at one of the top ranked MBA programs is a lifetime experience and could enrich and develop me as an individual and in my professional life.

I am currently in my second year of my MBA studies at the Recanati business school, with specialization in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. I find this field of interest extremely fascinating and I am taking any chance I get to explore it further more. With this in mind, I decided on my first year of studying to challenge myself and to apply to the prestigious and demanding Global Business Studies program (GBS). The GBS program offered a remarkable experience of strategic consulting, and moreover, the chance of working in an international team with MBA students from the York business school in Toronto. This experience affected me deeply and taught me the importance of developing global communication and working skills, which I am sure to develop while participating at the exchange program.

Besides being an MBA student at TAU, I am working full time as the head of Economic and Regulation at Xfone 018 LTD. At that position I am responsible for the economic analysis for new and ongoing projects, and supervising the company's Settlement of accounts with international communication operators. With that, I am also leading the company's regulation processes, writing position papers and representing Xfone 018 in contact with the Israeli Ministry of Communication. Xfone 018 is a small motivated company working in the highly changing communication market, which I have the privilege of being in its management team, working closely with our CEO and getting experience from a macromanagment point of view.

Before joining Xfone 018 I was working at the Helpdesk team in Superderivatives, a global company who sets the global benchmark for derivatives and options in the financial world. I worked with bankers and trader from all over the world (especially from USA) and guide them through with using the company's software. Working at Superderivatives helped me gained a great knowledge about the financial and derivatives world. With this experience, I believe I can contribute to every study group I will be a part of in the different courses I will take, while enriching myself learning from the other group members and their experience.

Looking at the future, it is my ultimate career ambition to work for a medium sized consulting firm that will utilize my economic and analytic skills. An international exchange experience will assist with this career goal by providing me with exposure to cultures that I will likely work with as a consultant. This will give me a competitive edge when I apply to companies after the completion of my MBA.

I deeply appreciate and enjoy my studies in TAU with its high academic level, and big verity of classes to choose from. With that, I believe that studying at a foreign university and living in another country will expose me to a different culture, both academic and living, which will highly sharpen my global skills and experience, an extremely important set of tools in our highly connected global world. Besides considering my academic and professional interests, I believe that the exchange program will bring me a great benefit at a personal level. Meeting people and having friends from all around the world, giving me great joy and a huge satisfaction. My traveling around the world have taught me that it's not the place that makes the journey, but the people you meet while in it, and the different they are from you, the better and more interesting it gets. I am sure that this insight will be applied with the student exchange program as well, and that motive makes me very excited to go.

I have no doubt I will be an excellent ambassador for Recanati and TAU because I am enjoying my exceptional experience with the school and have shared that experience with others. I will continue to share this experience while on exchange. My studying at Recanati has been excellent and I am passionate about the school and have already encouraged other candidate to apply.

I hope that this letter helped you know me better and deeper, and you find me a good and worthy candidate to represent TAU at the student exchange program. Although the great challenge it is, I am sure that participating at the program will bring the best of me, and will send me to a lifetime experience. I am highly motivated to take part at the exchange program, and have no doubt it will be a great success.

Should any additional information be needed, please feel free to contact me at the number and email above.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your positive response.

Nir Aharoni