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    using of rise and raise ?

    Hi, can you tell me the different using between "rise and raise" are they the same meaning ? thanks you, bye!

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    Re: using of rise and raise ?

    Generally speaking, both mean "to lift upwards".....

    The main difference between the two words is that "rise" is intransitive; it is does not take an object. "Raise" is a transitive verb; it does take an object.

    • Some examples of "rise":
      I rise each morning at 7:00 a.m.
      The Senator rose from his chair to protest.
      I was already awake when the sun had risen.

    • Some examples of "raise":
      Please, raise your hands if you know the answer.
      They raised the flag yesterday in honor of the President's death.
      The spaceship had raised Jeffrey up to the sky.

    (Sorry... it's difficult to come up with good examples! he he )

    Please note the difference in conjugation....
    Rise: rise / rose / risen
    Raise: raise / raised / raised
    This is as far as I know. Let's wait for more opinions.
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