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    Talking humble request

    dear all
    aAs you know, i'm a university student in english . i have to perform and suggest a new method in teaching english for one of my courses .
    I should mention that i live in Iran and here , we learn english as the foreign language , (EFL) . please help me invent a manufacture or device which can help children of about 10-12 years old ( i only need the suggestion , whatever it is , i'll make it .)
    this vehicle should help beginners learn easier and better .

    thanks a million .


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    Re: humble request

    Most of our users are adults, so try here for places that sepcialise in young learners:

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    Re: humble request

    I am a university student in Canada. There is a strong focus on having students speak as much as possible in class. That means minimizing lecturing in favor of having students work in small groups so that they have more opportunities to speak.

    Student motivation is also a major topic. Both adults and children respond well to having fun. It relaxes people helping them to be less self-conscience.

    Humor in general adds a positive atmosphere to the classroom and well-designed games can get students talking or practicing target language.

    For example, you can make up a BINGO game replacing the numbers with target vocabulary. Separate students into groups of 3 or 4 giving them each a "game". Whomever "wins" at each table gets to be the caller for the next round.

    The topic, what aspect of English, you have to teach is as important as the age of your students.

    With my adult students I handed out humorous very short stories with the articles missing. They had to fill in the blanks, then read each other their stories.

    For a simplier lesson I might give each student a pile of "words" and ask each student to create one or more sentences. They would then either share those sentences within their group or as a class depending on the size of the class and the amount of time available.

    When students are in groups, the teacher circulates, answers questions, prompts discussion etc.

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