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Thread: few idioms ...

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    few idioms ...

    Hi, I don't know it these are exactly idioms, but I'm gonna write them here - can anybody help with their meanings? like a blind dog without a bone be born like a rolling stone have halo hanging over somebody's head take a pass on the pass can be mind
    6.feeling sideways
    7.novocaine (this is probably just made up word..?)
    Thanx all who can help with this!!!!!

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    Lightbulb novocaine...

    ...sorry about that, I've just found this word in a dictionary. I really didn't have a clue it's a pill...

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    Re: few idioms ...

    1- It must be very frustrating for a blind dog, because it's harder for it to find a bone
    2- A rollling stone keeps moving, so a person who doesn't settle down is a rolling stone
    3- If something is hanging over your head, it is a burden, so here it sounds as if the person feels that they are forced to behave in a good way. rather than give in to their impulses, etc
    4- Not too clear, but it could be that the person is saying no to a romantic or sexual offer
    5- Unclear again, but it could mean that something is imaginary not real
    6- Not making progress?

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