TOPIC: Should everyone under the age 17 have 9:OO PM curfew

The age from 13-18 is very precious time for everyone. Because in that time people learn many things. Besides it is an important time because it is an important time to choose a path of life. In the following paragraphs I am going to prove teens should not be allowed to go outside after 9:00 PM.

Firstly, Everyone know time is money. if teen spend their time in studies they can bright their future.Going Outside after 9:00PM seems not good for teenagers. Because this can spoil them. Day by day their interest would involve in hanging out with friends and thus it would be difficult for them to give their time to Positive things.

Secondly, Everyone know that world is full of bad people when they would see a teen moving around late night they might kidnap him or may force him to take drugs. Because teenagers are usually very emotional People may take benefits of their sentimental.

Lastly, their concern towards studies would be improper. Its not like that they should stay home all the time but they should go out for sports, for a picnic,meet with their friends, but on a daylight and the best time is at evening.

So, if they would follow these guidelines then they can safe themselves from many incidents and giving their more time to studies would enable them to become a successful man in the coming days of his life.

NOTE: I am non-native. Please rate my essay. Would love your suggestions. thank you