I'll be submitting my SOP in few hours and I need a quick check on it's grammar and how it sounds in general :)

I am known as a determined, open-minded, and friendly girl. I am eager to learn new things and I am good persistent with schoolwork since I consider myself a diligent person.
My lifelong goal is to study Medicine. In order to achieve this ambition I studied the preparatory year in the University of Tabuk - Saudi Arabia. I finished with an excellent score (4.91 out of 5.00). It qualified me for the university's respected majors, including those in medical field. Sadly, there were restrictions on foreign students, so I was unable to select a major in them.
Regardless, I believe the preparatory year added a lot to my knowledge, my English level improved greatly. As evidence of this, I scored 100/100 in Level 2 of the English course. I think now Iím well prepared than ever to start my undergraduate study in my desired major, and I hope this scholarship will give me that opportunity. The scholarship will also help me be more independent, gain insight from cultural differences and expand my networking.
I know that the way to my goals is full of challenges and difficulties, but all that will urge and encourage me to continue and persevere.