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Thread: Fluency problem

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    Fluency problem


    I'm in a problem while speaking in English the continuity is not maintained. Sometimes am searching for words,even though the sentence is in my tongue tip.Could you please suggest me to improve my speaking ability. My technical stuff is good but not clearing interview due to the language problem.I can't help myself.I'm alone,so won't get a chance to speak with lots of people to improve myself.Do watching television help in improving English?. I'm an asian my native language is not English.



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    Re: Fluency problem

    Welcome to the forum.

    You have the same problem as thousands of people who speak a second language!

    Yes, watching films and TV in English will help your comprehension but it won't help your ability to speak. The only way to help with that is to practice, practice, practice! Even if you talk to yourself when you're alone, it will help.

    Try this - find a photograph or a painting in a magazine (or hanging on your wall) and imagine that you are describing it in great detail to someone else. Don't feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Just talk. For ten minutes! Say anything and everything you can think of about the picture - the content, the colours, the frame, the light, the shadows, the artist, how it makes you feel etc. Do this over and over every day, picking a different topic every day.

    As far as talking to others is concerned, I can't believe you can't find a way to talk to other people. Your profile says you are currently based in the United States. Surely there are social groups in your area - a cinema club, a book club, a sports group etc. What about the people you study with or work with? In the USA, you are surrounded by native speakers. Approach some of them and ask if they would be interested in getting together a couple of times a week to chat. You can practice your English and you might find a new friend!
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