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    Post Speech or write on forum

    Pavan Jha was born on 5th of January 1982 in Madhubani, Bihar, India. He has completed his high school from Mahatma Gandhi Smarak Uch Vidhyalaya, Khajauli, after higher secondary from Maharani Laxmeshwari Singh College, Darbhanga. After higher secondary school, Jha was accepted to the prestigious BA in Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Darbhanga, to pursue honors in history. During this period, he began to take a deep interest in the contemporary women's issues and 'The Hindu Marriage'. Mr. Jha realized that to take these issues forward, he will have to chart out a different path for himself and arm with some additives. In 2008, he decided to apply to journalism school. It took him to University of Pune, where Jha underwent communication studies in a master, and also interned with Doordarshan. To empower himself in law and parliamentary proceedings and practice, this young author got an opportunity to take up a fellowship programmed from The Institute of constitutional and Parliamentary Studies in New Delhi. Currently, he is based in Delhi and working as a journalist. During his course of journalism, he persistently interacted with society, and he discovered that our society is lacking many things in terms of moral values as well as cultural, which are acting as a hindrance to a society and is making it weaker from inside. It does not matter whether an individual is poor or rich or academically or educationally qualified. These are hardly matters when it comes to awareness, almost everyone has deprived himself from society and not making right decisions. Through this book, I want to convey a message to people who are going to get married and are married. This book clears a lot of unanswered questions what are the shortcomings after marriage and why is it so and what are the remedial measure to avoid those shortcomings in marriage. In fact, I have attached a scientific reason for the same. It will reduce the number of divorces within the couple. I have compared the thoughts of ancestors with present society considering all kinds of cultural norms prevalent these days. It was a great challenge for me and took me almost two years. It would request all of my readers, please read this book, whether you are married or unmarried, it does not matter. I need a suggestion if any content that needs to be updated so that the book can be made better. Any reader having any issues with the content of my book, please feel free to reply. I am sure that I would receive a reader's opinion about the subject as feedback is important to me for future reference. I would make sure, I won't disappoint any of you and would definitely come up with something, which is more meaningful and will bring more awareness in the society. The objective of this book is to take off the blindfold's eye from a society and decides what is good, bad, wrong, and right for a society. At the end of the day every human is a best judge of himself. All I want to do is to take the blindfold of your eyes and make you see the truth.
    In this book, I have tried to deliver a message to the general public about the shortcoming faced by individuals in the society after and before marriage. This book is a result of my keen observation and analysis of the society persisted for two years. I came across many families to discover what the cause of the problem faced by them. I took it up as a challenge to find a solution to these problems as a true journalist. Such a career is of no use unless and until I reveal those hidden truths and raises the voice of those who have been agonizing and victimizing until death, we as a society never bother to hear them. We as a society always ignore the truth which results in the growth of those agonies in the life of many individuals who are suffocating and living life like a living dead. We always think, this is not happened to us, why should we bother, but we forget, we as an individual is a part of a same society. (We live in a society where there are predominance cultural values which we keep on following and never ask a question whether these are good or bad for a society.) We as a society are wearing that blindfold. (My intention is neither to hurt anyone nor I am writing this book with the intention of gaining any publicity.) Journalists are a mirror of society. As a journalist, it's my duty to show the truth to the society as many people in our society are using and molding cultural values wrongly as a cloak to protect themselves for their selfish reasons. It's suffocating for me to see it for such a long time. As everything which has begun, need to be ended. Without your help it won't be possible for me to overcome this situation.

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