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    Pronunciation and accent


    I would like to ask how I can improve my pronunciation. Unfortunately I learnt wrong earlier Now a lot of people has problem to understood while talking to them.

    I listen a lot of TV and Harry Potter. I have read four parts. I feel a small improvement. Also My friend see it. It is too slowly for me.

    I read and watch how to speak English sounds. Now i speak better "r" and few another. But it is still too small.

    How can I make it faster?


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    Re: Pronunciation and accent

    Have you ever tried shadowing?
    Shadowing - Learn Any Language

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    Re: Pronunciation and accent

    I believe that a very important thing is to try to imitate the sounds you hear without 'filtering them' through your mother tongue. One has to realize that different languages sound differently, and that it is better to try to copy the correct pronunciation as much as possible, even if it sounds funny or pretentious from the viewpoint of your mother tongue.

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    Re: Pronunciation and accent

    I agree- even a sound you think is the same can be pronounced differently.

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