New ideas are always fascinating, everyone looks at anything new with curiosity and a watchful eye. The first innovation that caught my attention was the wired land line telephone network as a kid. I always wondered how voice could be transmitted over wire, and what is the process involved. My father used to speak of some electrical signal. This curiosity ignited my interest in communication technology. Soon in high school my doubts begin to melt and I was now aware what actually happens inside the wires. This basic interest led me to take up Mathematics and Physics as my major subjects in secondary school. During my secondary school education I studied logic gates which suddenly caught my interest and did a very interesting final project using flip-flops and diodes .Was fascinated by the possibilities of wonders which could happen in field of automation and artificial intelligence by these logic gates. Electronic and its implementation in wide range of fields sounded very interesting to me.
My interest in electronics systems grew and I took electronics and communication as a major subject during under-graduation studies in engineering. By the end of course I was aware how the communication technology actually worked with details of electronic components involved. Was now getting answer to my question how I am able to talk to someone at opposite end of globe, so I studied every topic with an excited mind.
By the end of under-graduation I had studied the theoretical aspect and also the practical aspect of communication systems and information theory, in addition I had knowledge of wireless systems and other type of communication technologies accompanied with the detailed lab experience with electronic components involved. I studied various courses with applications, like Communication systems, optical fiber communication, Power electronic, multimedia communication, Linear Integrated Circuits, basic electronics, computer networks and Pulse engineering during my undergraduate education. After completing my under graduation I have only one clear thought in my mind which was to find a opportunity to work in this challenging and ever growing field of communication system and data transmission, I wanted to figure out how this technology is implemented. I kept myself updated with the latest innovations by studying scientific journals and through internet.
I wanted to pursue this academic interest at professional level, so I took a job of network communication manager. Job responsibilities also included systems administration. I now starting figuring out how the things I studied during under graduation are put together or implemented to work and benefit. Due to my interest in computerís and urge to explore every detail about it accompanied by my communication technology interest marked this job marvelous growing experience. I learned how to implement, maintain and troubleshoot a corporate network for as expected, data transmission. By the time I learned a lot about this field professionally and developed a strong desire to know more about building blocks of technology which have application like network communication (wired or wireless), GSM and other communication systems, applications which made impossible as reality. I then decided to go for some research oriented course and thus further education became a necessity.
I realized during my professional experience that, while working we learn how to put together different pieces of a big puzzle and make it work. But how it actually worked is learned by us only during our studies which for now I have stalled. I tried to fill the gap between this by moving toward industry standard certifications like XXXX. But I was not fully satisfied with the knowledge which I acquired from it.
Work experience helped me a lot in choosing a right direction for my carrier. As dealing with sophisticated equipments became my work and I got a chance to think beyond its use. I am glad to have taken decision to enter in academics again after working in industry for a year. XX university under label YYY has everything I want in my masters, which include a very good number of subjects on the technology of future from which I can choose what is best for me. qqqqq is a technologically advanced country so I am sure to learn a lot. I decided going for further education with only one clear motto which is to give my best in terms of hard work for the growth and development of this technology.
Another thing I noticed during my professional experience was that experience is not all about knowing answers to every problem we face during work but it is the attitude we develop over time. To give an edge to that attitude I decided for further specialization in YYY, which I believe is best option for me. I will surely be able to handle more and high level of knowledge demanding responsibilities after completing masters in this field, if I decided to go for a job in industry. Itís a research focused course and I will try my best to explore some good research opportunity, will feel more privileged if got a chance to do research work in this field. PhD will then be my next step.
Engineers are the designers of the future, the way people and societies of future will communicate is designed by telecommunication engineers. I am very glad at my decisions of pursuing masters in the career which I opted eagerly. Education is a lifelong process and foreign education is definitely going to broaden my perspective and I believe it will be most rewarding and career building experience I will ever have in my life.