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    [Essay] Please help me to revise my essay

    A computer, a device with multiple utilities – such as study, work, and entertainment – has become dispensable in almost every school, office, house, etc. Especially our school, T Community College, is a high-tech school.
    TCC has a huge network that all students must use computer for their school related activities. Therefore, they should have their own a personal computer (PC), but what computer should we get? The largest competition is between Mac and Windows. Few years later, the choice was so easy; whenever talking about computers or considering about buying one, people would mostly get a Windows PC, or they knew only it but any computer else. Recent years, however, Apple has developed Mac to another level to threat the crown of Windows PC. Because each of them has its own good and bad sides, to make the decision between these two, one must consider the one’s usage and economy.
    Windows, the champion of the world, is the name of an operation system (OS) which runs the computers. Most of computers in the whole world are Windows computers. So what makes the Windows computer so successful? First, Windows has existed and spread throughout the world for a long time; it has become so familiar to worldwide users with many version have been released. In 2006, Windows is the most OS are being used, “leaving Apple with about 5 percent of the personal computer market” (Markoff). Nowadays, Windows still is the common OS is used in important places. Examples, in TCC campus, the computers in class rooms, offices, library, or even all building are Windows computers. Therefore, having a Windows computer will help student get used to it for time using it in school. Besides, most of young college students play video games which run better in Windows PCs. Video game companies always focus their game on Windows than Macs, because no one wants to put their products more on the less popular side that has fewer users; that’s why “games tend to be ported months after their initial release on Windows” (Pegoraro). Not just the video games, there are “more programs are available for Windows than for the Mac” (Pegoraro). Additional, the prices of Windows PC are cheaper. If there are two computers Mac and Windows, which have the same performance, the Mac one will be much more expensive. Besides, Windows users are offered many choices than in Mac to custom their computers by picking the different parts of the computer (Pegoraro). Therefore, Windows PCs are perfect for students having a saving plan in College or students starting to use computers because there are easier to get help at Windows about how to use it.
    Mac computers are not new, but they just weren’t as popular as Windows like now. The growing of Apple recent years has brought Macs to a new era. When talking about Macs, the first feature that will be said is its safety. Mac computers mostly don’t have issues about virus which is a nightmare of computer users; Mac OS “has been largely immune to computer viruses and other malicious software” (Markoff). For people don’t have much knowledge about using computer beside basic uses, browsing websites, facebook, listening to music or playing video games, they will prefer to use the one they don’t have anything to worry about but using it. Besides, Macs are also good for professions; they will want to keep their works safe from virus. Additional, Macs have good software for visual and audio works (photo, video, music, graphic, etc…). Even Macs have fewer application than Windows, it is still easy to “find Mac programs to do the jobs of seven of the remaining eight programs on the list” (Pegoraro). With high security and many useful tools for creating art, Macs is highly recommended for people who have creative mind or are chasing a career relates to design without concern how to protect their computer from virus.
    The crown is shaking; Windows computers are still struggling with unsolvable problems. Having a long history of existence doesn’t mean it’s always good in the pace of technology. Windows has very less improvement or very slow whiles its competitor changing with new features constantly. Moreover, lacking of security, Windows PCs depend so much on the users instead of themselves to protect the data. Meanwhile, the possibility of getting virus is really high with serious damages for people not using property. The rate to avoid it only increases when the users increase their knowledge about how to protect their computers. Besides, Windows PCs have many errors that cause a lot headache to their users when those occupying. With all of these problems, Windows computers are really hard to use for people wishing their computers will always work when they need without expecting anything will happen.
    Speaking of problem, Macs have their own problem as well. When people say that Macs crash less than Windows PCs, they are just defending for their idea. Macs also have technical problems or “Macs [even] crash more often than PCs” (Pegoraro). We just don’t see it as many as at Windows PCs because they, the Macs, are new. People started to use Mac computers widely few years ago, while there are a lot of old Windows PCs are still be using. Moreover, when some errors happen, Macs are harder to be fixed. Macs hardwares are produced only by Apple, so it is really hard to build a Mac computer or replace the parts we want. Therefore, we have to bring the broken out to be fixed or even buy a new one, while the prices of Mac computers are so up high. After all, Macs are not a good idea for people don’t have a good financial or people like to start learning edit their computers at both hardwares and software, which might cause the computer broken.
    To conclusion, both computer brands, Windows and Mac, have their own good and bad sides. There is no perfection within them; it just depends on how we use the computer. Therefore, before buying a computer, a student must consider what he/she needs it for. It is meaningless to buy a thousand dollar Mac computer for typing homework and basic uses, and it’s useless to buy a few hundreds dollar Windows computer for learning graphic design.

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    Re: [Essay] Please help me to revise my essay

    When do you have to submit your essay to your teacher?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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